Top 10 best portable washer and dryer combo for apartments in 2020

Are you going to purchase the very best portable washer and dryer combo for houses in 2020 for random usage? Do you need a powerful, long lasting, compact and portable maker that can keep your clothing as tidy as you purchased them first?

As we care you, we have invested hundreds of hours and taken a gallon of coffee. to find out this guideline for you. Before we have actually composed a legendary post on washer brands to prevent that you ought to read.


Practically every day we utilize a washing machine. And it s a big investment too. So, you must select that maker that includes toughness, efficiency, and reliability. Examine the power performance, consumption of water and use of cleaning agents.

10 Best Portable Washer and Dryer Combo Reviews

Lastly, you should select a washer which design advantages both the adults and the children equally. For your easy choice, we have evaluated here 10 washers and dryer combination here.

1. Panda PAN50SWR1 Compact Washer 1.60 cu.ft, High-End Fully Automatic

Panda PAN50SWR1 Compact Washer 1.60 cu.ft, High-End Fully Automatic

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This panda washer features a space-saving style that is ready to make your laundry simple and basic. You can wash 11 lbs at a time. This washer comes with electronic control with LED display screen. Using its delay start function you can begin a cycle at a later time. You can easily move this device around utilizing its built-in rollers. There are six washing programs consisting of heavy and fast wash and 3 water level.

A stainless-steel tub has actually improved the resilience and also withstands rust and chipping of clothes. Its pulsator produces strong and weak water flows. Quick link adapter kit and the hose pipe is consisted of with it to link the washer directly with your faucet. You can monitor the water level and cleaning condition through its huge transparent lid. As it s a one tub washer you need to spin independently after washing.

Features at a glimpse

  • Space-saving style washer makes your laundry simple and easy.
  • Electronic Touchpad controls and LED screen with delay function.
  • Monitor water level and washing condition through the big clear lid.
  • 6 Washing Program and 3 water levels.
  • Quick connect adapter kit and hose pipes for simple installation.


  • Space-saving design
  • Lager size
  • Stainless steel tub
  • L6 wash and 3 water level


  • Single tub


2. Giantex Portable Compact Twin Tub Washer with Spin Dryer

Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine 17.6 pounds Washer Blue+ White.

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This Giantex EP21684 washer and spin dryer combo have already made the Best Seller Rank. Its blue and white color provides excellence to be suited to the other house devices. It s a twin tub style washer. One tub is for washing whose capability is 11 lbs and the other tub is for spinning whose capability is 6.6 pounds. It needs 15 minutes for cleaning cycle and 5 minutes for spinning. They are powered by different motors. So, you utilize both tubs at a time or individually.

This Giantex is light-weight and easily movable which is perfect for a small apartment. It features a drain tube that permits you to easily drain pipes out filthy water. The maker business claims that it s an energy-saving washer. Though Giantex EP21684 is relatively a low-cost rate washer, it is prepared to give you the premium-like features. If you like all other functions then go on.

Features at a glimpse

  • Compact twin tub combination and simple to run.
  • 11 pounds large cleaning capacity with 6 lbs spinning capability.
  • Space-saving design is perfect for a house.
  • All hardware comes within the bundle and requires easy assembly.
  • Eco-friendly and energy-saving.


  • Twin tub design
  • Lager capacity
  • Energy saving


  • Spinning tub capacity is half of the washing tub capacity so you may need to spin twice


3. COSTWAY Compact Washer and Spinner (Grey + White).

COSTWAY Washing Machine, Electric Compact Laundry Machines Portable Durable Design Washer Energy Saving, Rotary Controller and Washer Spin Dryer( Grey + White).

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Including a twin tub style this Costway washer spin clothes dryer combination comes with grey and white color. Its twin tub style meets your different needs that make cleaning more easy and convenient. Its cleaning capacity is 10 lbs and the spinning capability is 6 pounds. So, you may require to spin two times. The washing and spinning tub is powered by powerful motors with different timer control settings. So, you have the option to utilize one tub separately or to utilize both tubs at a time.

This leading load COSTWAY device is compact in design. So, it appropriates for a compact space like dorms, apartments, apartments, recreational vehicle, Recreational Vehicle s, camping and more. Besides, this washer is lightweight that figures out that it is ideal for transport when you travel. Lastly, it will not break your bank to manage it.

Functions at a glimpse

  • Leading load washer twin tub compact style.
  • Perfect for dorms, apartments, condominiums, motor homes, RV s, outdoor camping and more.
  • Separate timer control settings for washing and spinning.
  • Drainage tube permits you to easily drain pipes out unclean water.
  • Lightweight that identifies it as perfect when you take a trip.


  • Twin tub design
  • Effective performance
  • Separate timer setting
  • Compact and portable


  • Water filling don’t stop by itself


4. SUPER DEAL 5th Generation Twin Tub Washer and Spin Dry Combo.

SUPER DEAL 5th Generation Mini Compact Twin Tub Washing Machine 17.6 pounds Washer and Spinner 2IN1 Ideal for Dorms, Apartments, Recreational Vehicle, Camping.

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This SUPER DEAL 5th Generation Mini Compact comes with a beautiful mix of blue and white colors. To conserve cash and time it is created with 2 integrated tubs. One tub is for cleaning clothing and another tub is for spinning out excess water. Its washing capacity is 9.9 pounds and the spinning capability is 8.6 lbs. Do you wish to save yourself from a costly trip to the laundromat and desire a multitasking and space-saving washer? If your answer is yes, then you can go for this 5th generation washer with self-confidence.

This combination is ready to offer you every function as the very best portable washer and dryer combo for houses offers you. 74.8 inches longer inlet hose seems enough for a typical user. A long drain tube is also consisted of with it to drain pipes out filthy water straight which is suitable for many houses. It can be the ideal portable service for RV travel or camping without breaking the bank.

Features at a glance

  • Twin tub washer/spinner to save money and time.
  • Constructed with a high-density plastic body, aluminum pump, and updated motor.
  • Multi-tasking and space-saving design will stop journey to the laundromat.
  • Heavy washing and spinning capability in such price range.
  • 78.8-inch long inlet hose with the long drain tube.


  • Twin tub design
  • Separate timer setting
  • 78.8 inch long inlet hose
  • Professional grade machine


  • None


5. TG23 Twin Tub Washer Machine with Spin Dryer for Apartments.

TG23 – Twin Tub Washer Machine with Wash and Spin Cycle Compartments by ThinkGizmos.

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TG23 is the most recent portable washer powered by Think Gizmos that showed up in the market in the last quarter of 2017. This maker is ideal for a person who requires a maker however has actually limited area. Features a long lasting twin tub design that comes with 3.6 kg cleaning and 2 kg spinning capacity with separate timer settings. To meet your various kinds of demands TG23 adds to 15 minutes on both a soft or normal wash and the spin cycle can add to 5 minutes.

No complicated operation is required to run this maker. Just fill with clothing, water, and detergent and set the maker to clean. One the cleaning is done, let them spin to check out and wash through. It is a pre-installed combo and you will get whatever that a device requires to work in the box. So, there is no harassment.

Features at a glance

  • Resilient, compact and light-weight design weighs just 11KG.
  • Perfect for minimal space like camping or in a caravan.
  • Twin tub style with different timer control.
  • Offers you similar performance like a bigger device.
  • Easy to operate, ultra-portable and basic to save away.


  • Twin tub design
  • Quick and convenient to use
  • Makes less sound
  • Ideal for limited space


  • Small capacity but gives the similar performance of larger machine


6. LG WM3488HW 24? Washer/Dryer Combo with 2.3 cu. ft. Capacity

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LG WM3488HW is a front load washer. You can wash to delicate, denims or blankets in it. LG has actually made this unit as a washer and dryer combo. That indicates you are going to get both cleaning and drying centers at the same time form this machine. This LG combination uses ventless condensing to dry your clothing. So, you don t requirement to hang clothes as you normally provide for your spin dryer. You can not use dryer sheets in this combo. However liquid fabric softener can be used. For regular washing and drying this machine needs to run for 120 minutes. Though it s not a relatively long time for this kind of combo.

This washer/dryer works best with HE cleaning agent. When you will open the door after drying clothing, you will feel hot and steamy. But this is inadequate to damp your space. There is a bit problem vibration. But it is not high and comparable to the other combos. You can reduce it to the most affordable level by utilizing anti-vibration pads.

Functions at a glimpse

  • LG WM3488HW determines 24 inches broad by 33.5 inches tall with a depth of 24.25 inches deep.
  • Its 2.3 cubic foot drum is made from stainless steel that is rust and scratch resistant.
  • Perfect for apartments, apartment or condos or for restricted space.
  • Best for washing and drying huge articles like a blanket.
  • It runs on a basic 120v wall outlet. So, you don t need to get a special link.


  • Washer Dryer combo
  • Ventless drying
  • Automatically adjusts water level
  • Delay wash and Child available


  • For better wash you may need fabric softener


7. Merax Portable Washing Machine with Spin Dryer

Merax Portable Washing Machine

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This Merax twin tub function style is constructed with a durable plastic body. Its washing tub capacity is 8lbs and spin tub capability is 5lbs. Its wash cycle runs for 15 minutes and spin cycle runs for 5 minutes. You can use both tubs at a time or separately. If you are an apartment user or reside in little spaces, Merax is suitable for you. Since Merax features a compact style. But it can supply you the majority of the centers that a full-size washer can.

No plumbing is needed. Just purchase and utilize. So, there is no additional expense of installation. It s clearly labeled control board made it easy to run. Add clothes, water, detergent and set the cycles. The rest will be done by itself. Furthermore, this device is FCC verification approved. That suggests Merax makes sure security for you and your family. As a courtesy, Merax provides water fill hose, drain pipe and fully translated manual with the maker.

Functions at a look

  • Suitable for camping journeys, dorm rooms, or anywhere with limited area.
  • 1300RPM powerful however peaceful motor makes sure maximum performance in the laundry.
  • Light-weight space saving design with a durable plastic body.
  • Authorized FCC Verification suggests Merax is safe for you and your household.
  • Compact and portable style offers you the highest benefit in transport.


  • Compact design but large capacity
  • Durable plastic body
  • 1300 RPM powerful motor
  • Approved for safety


  • Unbalanced load creates a loud noise. Always put your clothes on even floor and make sure your laundry is evenly distributed in spin cycle.


8. SUPER DEAL PRO Portable Full-Automatic Washer and dryer combination

Washer and clothes dryer combo

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To provide the highest efficiency in laundry this SUPER DEAL second generation washer is configured with automatic cycles. This system can dealing with up 8lbs of load. You can utilize this system for your super unclean clothing to delicates. This automated washer deals with large capability. It not just cleans up better however also cares your materials. Just include clothing, detergent, set the water level, programs and leave for your own things. It will do the rest for you. Besides, its real rinse technology delivers the very best rinsing results without squandering water.

Additionally, a built in wise drain pump cleans totally the filthy water. It is geared up with a time out feature. That means typical bathroom sink will never overflow. Besides that, this Super Deal includes long fill tube and long power cable. So, you can set it in the restroom, closet or kitchen without acquiring additional long power cable and hose pipe tube. Moreover, it is built with a high density of plastic body and an upgraded motor that lasts for many years. Mobility is another function that made it more attractive.

Functions at a glimpse

  • Fully Automatic Cycles best washing and rinsing performance.
  • Smart drain pump with time out function.
  • Exceptionally long power cord (70) and inlet hose pipe (79).
  • High density plastic body and updated motor ensure long-term.
  • Perfect for dormitories, houses, apartments, mobile home, RV s, camping journeys or anywhere with minimal space!


  • Fully automatic
  • Smart Drain Pump
  • Long power cord and long inlet hose
  • 5 Programs and 3 water levels


  • None


9. ZENY Compact Full-Automatic Portable Washer/Dryer Combo
ZENY portable washer/dryer

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This ZENY is not only automatic but also a genius one. To satisfy your restricted home it comes with a compact style. Though ZENY is compact in style but doesn t suggest that it sacrifices loading capability. To satisfy your daily laundry demand, this washer features 8 pounds wash or spinning capability. You get all the benefit in one tub. Just put your clothes in the maker, it will complete all procedures including cleaning and spin-drying by itself. To change your various types of clothes, this device is equipped with 6 wash programs and 3 water level settings. You can use them as essential. Apart from that, they care your fabrics along with shimmering clean wash.

ZENY includes a drain water pump and a drainage tube that made your washer simpler. Besides, this washer works nearly in quiet. So, you can operate it when your child sleeps. Even more, this system gives alert by its cycle-status lights. For its portable style, you get the greatest advantage of transportation.

Features at a look

  • Completely automatic, all convenience in on tub.
  • Perfect for medium or little weight laundry.
  • Integrated in drain Aluminum pump and a drainage tube permit easy drainage.
  • Environment-friendly style that utilizes less water and less detergent.
  • Ideal for home, home, or mobile house living.


  • Space saving design
  • Multifunctional programs
  • Large wash and spin capacity
  • Full Automatic & quiet


  • None


10. Magic Chef White MCSTCW09W1 0.9 cu. ft. Compact WasherMagic

Chef White MCSTCW09W1

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Magic MCSTCW09W1 works like magic. This why I have actually noted this product in our portable washers and dryers list. If you reside in a studio apartment or any other compact areas, this can be your best choice. It features 0.9 cu. ft. capability with a stainless-steel washtub. This mini giant is geared up with 5 wash cycles and 3 water level settings that not only tidy however likewise care your clothes. For easy cleansing, Magic Chef functions electronic control with LED display screen facilities.

Area conserving design makes Magic MCSTCW09W1 simple to be positioned in the kitchen or closet. Though this MCSTCW09W1 model washer is powered 680 RPM motor, it works excellent like a pricey washer. Besides, its leading cover is made with transparent products. So, you can keep track of the inner conditions easily while it runs. Apart from that, this Magic washer features auto shutoff and vehicle unbalance detection. So, there is no stress with uneven balance and to stop this machine when the wash or the spin cycle is total.

Features at a glimpse

  • 5 wash cycle to provide versatile wash and excellent fabric care.
  • Easy to utilize Electronic Controls with digital LED display screen.
  • Adjustable leveling leg for simple movement.
  • Automatic balance the irregular balance and auto shutoff feature.
  • Comes with required devices like bottom cover, inlet water hose, fast link adapter and drain pipe.


  • Digital LED display
  • Detergent Dispenser
  • Adjustable Legs
  • Quick connect adapter


  • None


Buyer s Guide for the very best Portable Washers and Dryers

Low price makes budget friendly portable combination washers more affordable than the standard washers. But it is also a disadvantage for you in the sense that the supply has been increased with the need and results in numerous verities of production. So, it is hard to decide which one benefits you. But wear t worry. In this area, I am going to highlight the elements that you need to think about before purchasing a washer dryer.

1. Washer Size

Portable washers are smaller than routine full-size washer. Dimension is a vital aspect if you have actually limited space. Portable washers are acquired by apartment or condo occupants, campers, tourists or RVing lovers. That s why, producers always mention length, width and height of their every system.

Before purchasing a washer, repaired the place where you wish to set your next washer and determine the space. Besides, don t forget to measure your closet as you might require to save it when needed.

2. Washer Capacity

Washer s capacity depends on its measurement. If you are a single user, a tiny washer will be great. One the other hand, if you are a couple with kid, you require to choose a washer with the largest capacity. Otherwise, you might require to clean clothing once again and again that will eliminate your valuable time.

3. Tub Configuration

You have actually already understood that a top load washer can includes single tub or more tub versions. In a single tub maker, you can instantly begin spinning after cleaning clothing. On the other hand, you require to move clothing from wash tub to spinning tub. Besides, you can use both two tubs at a time or separately. On a twine tub washer you can clean more laundry with in short time.

4. Fill and Drain

An automated portable washer and dryer fills water by itself. A built in pump cleans up filthy water. For hassle free water connection and draining it includes inlet and drain pipe also. On the other hand, you require to fill water manually or stay beside the device to stop filling when a semi-automatic washer fills water. Besides, you need to depend on gravity drain.

5. Settings

Wash cycle and water level settings are extremely important fact. The more settings a washer has, the more you will be benefited. But you have to think about a big quantity of money to get a washer with more settings.

6. Powerful Motor

Effective motor results quick and efficient wash. You have actually observed the majority of the washer/dryers I have actually reviewed above have 1300RPM motor. I extremely recommend you to purchase a washer which has such motor. In general, powerful motor makes washers much better than others.

7. Sound Level

You keep portable washers in your home. If the washer produces noise, it will hamper your home s environment. Your kid may not endure this. So, invest money on those units that works in quiet or below the sound level.

8. Portability

You purchase a drinkable combo washer to use its portability feature. You can quickly move it anywhere without the needs of others. If your washer is heavy in weight, it will lose its mobility.

9. Versatility

Some washers include both cleaning and drying functions whereas others come with only cleaning function. In my opinion, purchase a versatile system that belongs both washing and drying centers. That indicates, you fill the machine with cleaning agent, unclean clothes and water, get the settings right and wait. Finally, you get gleaming tidy clothing.

10. Additional Accessories

Do you require extra accessories after getting your washer? If yes, order for an unit that features all required devices. That suggests no additional order, no additional expense.

11. Style preferences

There are lots of designs like cube, egg-shaped and so on. Pick one which style and color you choose. Prior to ordering a product, wear t forget to talk about with your spouse!

Bottom Line

Financial investment in home appliances like washer refers budget. So, there is no way to take it negligibly.

Thinking about nearly all the functions of every cleaning machine, we have actually built up this review portable washer and clothes dryer combo for homes. Inspect all the functions of a washer clothes dryer combination and take one which will satisfy your requirements most.


Regularly Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Are portable washing devices allowed houses?

Particularly, portable washing machines are designed for simple motion and storage. They require less space. To complete the overall cycle they utilize almost the exact same water as your cleaning. So, it s enabled and you can put them in apartments.

2. Exists a washer dryer in one?

Certainly, in modern-day washers, you get both washer and dry facility. They are called washer and clothes dryer combo.

3. Are combination washer-dryers good?

Normally, you get just the washing facility from a washer. However when you buy a washer dryer combo you get both cleaning and drying center. So, they are helpful.

4. How long should a washer dryer last?

Typically, you utilize a washer dryer routinely. Like the body, they also require treatment. If you care correctly, a washer-dryer can last for several years.


Financial investment in appliances like washer is a matter of budget. So, there is no other way to take it negligibly.

Considering almost all the functions of every washing device, we have actually built up this review portable washer and dryer combination for apartments. Inspect all the features of a washer clothes dryer combination and take one which will fulfil your requirements most.