Kylie Jenner Reacts To Plastic Surgery Claims After Old Photos Go Viral

Whether you like Kylie Jenner or do not, I wager you’ve wondered whether there’s anything real left concerning her body. She’s been combating plastic surgery reports for several years now. Finally, she’s made it the green light in a current interview with Paper.

Kylie has what looks like the best life. Her very first little girl Stormi has just transformed one year old. Her boyfriend (future fiancé) Travis Scott is an amazing dad and partner. And also, her makeup realm is likely to crown Kylie as the youngest self-made billionaire soon.

That’s right. Kylie’s parents quit offering her cash before she also transformed 16. That’s when she started thinking of transforming her favorite hobby, makeup, right into a company.

So she’s exceptionally abundant as well as delighted. Yet, people can not let go of the requirement to understand the reality: has she, or has she not had cosmetic surgery?

Her current cases can’t appear to satisfy them.

On Instagram, Kylie keeps it professional and also moderate.


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thank you @papermagazine and the sweet @morellibrothers for this new COVER 💚

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Her photos are very carefully chosen, with brief inscriptions.

But in person, Paper states, Kylie is very loosened up and uncomplicated.

” A great girl with fillers in her face that is down for whatever,” Katherine Gillespie creates.


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i had to go all out for my baby. #StormiWorld

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Kylie opened up to the publication concerning her daughter Stormi and being a young mother.

” It’s genuinely what I wanted … to be a young mom,” she stated.


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@kyliejenner stars in @papermagazine’s latest digital cover. Photo: @morellibrothers

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” I assumed, this is what I intend to do, as well as if people accept it or do not accept it after that, I’m all right with every result.”

Stormi is 11 months old. Merely a couple of days ago, she took her initial steps.


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Her daddy Travis Scott is an excellent daddy and also a great companion, Kylie states.

The couple is neither married nor engaged.

Yet when that happens, she won’t maintain it secret.


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Engagement appears to be already in the jobs, as well as Kylie assures to let everyone referred to as quickly as feasible.

Several weeks after the interview with Paper, Kylie tossed a huge Astroworld-themed very first birthday for Stormi.


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must be dreaming!! 🌹…

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The publication states the event had it all: neon picture backdrops, custom-made merch, and a giant balloon in the form of Stormi’s face at the entrance.

DJ Khaled even got Stormi her very first Chanel bag.

Besides Stormi and also Travis, Kylie’s true love is makeup.


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Issue Zero @dazedbeauty

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Nevertheless, make-up is what made Kylie all her millions and aided her to find her own identity outside of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Successful make-up musicians are her excellent example, as well as she wants one day to be like them.


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the VALENTINE COLLECTION launches February 1st at 3pm pst only on 💋

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Before it became her company, make-up was Kylie’s favorite leisure activity and also enthusiasm. Back then, she didn’t even consider earning a living from it.

It’s clear she has skill – she never actually did any kind of customer study while dealing with her infamous lip kits.


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She says she “wasn’t informed on what the beauty company was,” and never took a look at what significant make-up brands were producing at the time.

She simply trusted her digestive tract and created what she would enjoy to purchase herself.

” I just knew for myself as a client, like, why am I getting a lip liner and various lipstick? I desired it the same shade, I wanted it to be very easy,” Kylie informed Paper.

” And I actually invested every last penny that I had starting it, not also knowing if it would certainly achieve success.”


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Falcon footwear. Out now 🖤 Shop at #FALCON @adidasOriginals #createdwithadidas #adidas_Ambassador

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In 2014, Forbes also stated that Kylie gets on the way to ending up being the youngest self-made billionaire in the U.S.

However, she does not care about the numbers.


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I’m so excited about my 2019 Calendar dropping 11/23 Black Friday on @thekylieshop

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She admitted, “I don’t specify myself by just how much I have. I truly don’t get up even thinking of it.”

Yet, she comprehends that Keeping Up With the Kardashians aired.

” I had such a significant system, I had many followers already, and I had so many individuals seeing me.”

Kardashians provided her a platform, yet the business is all self-made.

Her moms and dads stopped supporting her financially when she was just 15 years old.

” My moms and dads told me I required to make my very own money, it’s time to learn just how to save and also spend your very own money, stuff like that,” she said.


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Kris is my spirit animal. @sainthoax

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” What I’m trying to state is I did have a system, however none of my money is acquired.”

Recently, Kylie appears to appear on her social media much less typically.


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my little princess hit 8 months last week and i couldn’t be more happy and sad all at the same time 😝♥️

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One app on her phone claims she began using it 20 percent much less weekly.

Yet she comprehends that social networks are her most effective device when it involves item promo.


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The paper claims Kylie additionally “does not really feel guilty about revealing her young fans to a filtering system vision of beauty that apparently needs millions, near billions, of bucks to attain; isn’t losing sleep over the occasional piece of diet pill sponson.”

She wishes her fans know she’s still “attempting to set a good example.”

She thinks makeup assists people. It permits ladies to make their outside look match their emotional appeal, as well as, consequently, empowers them.

” Makeup is something that makes me feel equipped, makes me feel good, and also I assume it’s such a favorable thing,” she stated.


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IF THIS AIN’T ME…. . . Tag someone who can relate😂

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” There’s no injury in playing about with it and feeling excellent about yourself.”

In the Paper interview Kylie also addressed the reports that she’s had numerous cosmetic surgeries done to look the method she does.

You can’t miss her curved brows and also completely plumped lips, retouched with make-up as well as filters.

She’s just 21 years of age, fresh out of the uncomfortable teenage years, yet in some way, within merely a couple of years, she went from a beautiful girl-next-door picture to a bombshell one. But Kylie says she does not care what people are saying. Her decision to go through with the drastic adjustment was a very carefully thought about one, as well as she’s pleased to speak about it.

She promises she’s never had cosmetic surgery.


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Kylie Jenner claims that her new face is ONLY the result of fillers and makeup. Call me nosey, but I think she’s lying! U????

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The modifications in her facial features are all as a result of “excellent hair and makeup,” and also fillers.

She’s been rejecting any medical modifications for many years.


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almost ready for my dark hair 🖤 #Throwback

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Several of these accusations consist of a brow lift, breast and also bottom implants, as well as rebuilding jaw and cheek surgical treatment.

She ultimately opened to Paper about what the fact truly is.


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we used to dream about the day we’d be 21&22.. time flies ✨

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” People assume I totally went under the knife and totally rebuilt my face, which is completely incorrect.”

” I’m terrified! I would certainly never ever. They do not understand what good hair as well as make-up as well as, like, fillers, can truly do.”

When Gillespie asked if her appearance could be achieved with simple makeup, Kylie confessed, “I suggest, no. It’s fillers. I do not deny that.”

Nevertheless, a couple of people who’ve checked out the interview think her.


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The last one was too funny 😂😂😂😂

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Facebook individuals swiftly shared photos of Kylie before as well as after her fillers/surgeries, declaring there’s no chance you can attain such body proportions with just fillers.

Debbie Roberson Brown said, “So this was butt surgical treatment or fat injections? I simply can’t think of a body progressing normally from one to the other.”


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#kyliejenner #kyliejennerbeforeandafter #believeitornot #kyliejennerbutt #miraclehappen😂 #moneycanbuythis

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Alexandra Johnson responded, stating, “I operate in a cosmetic surgeon’s office. This is likely fat transfer/BBL. so ‘technically’ it’s not plastic or butt implants. However it’s still A LOT of enhancement.”

Kasey Amber then questioned if these procedures are painful.


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Alexandra Johnson replied, “Yes, yet not too horrible or two I’ve listened to. The liposuction surgery fat from various other areas as well as infuse it elsewhere. It’s a lot of jabbing as well as prodding however not as invasive as various other cosmetic surgeries.”

Yet looking at Kylie’s before photos, it’s evident that even if you used every one of the fat in her body, you still couldn’t potentially have enough for such a dramatic change.


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خواهران کارداشیان و جنر رو که همه میشناسن،جنجالی،پولدار و زیبا! بیشتر زیباییشون رو هم بخاطر عمل های زییایی و تزریق ژل پیش حرفه ای ترینها دارن. واقعا یه تزریق بجا و زیبا میتونه چهره و زیبایی یه شخص رو از اینرو به اونرو کنه. برای تعیین وقت طراحی زیباترین حالت چهره و تزریق فیلر از طریق دایرکت با ما در تماس باشید🌸 #زیبایی #زیبایی_پوست #تزریق #لب #cosmetics #lipinjections #lipaugmentation #kyliejenner #kyliejennerbeforeandafter

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Bradley T D Payne joked, “Referring to her cosmetic surgery; she’s had that much work done. When she dies, she’s being recycled.”

China Power-Rachow: “So she has gone from level chested and also no arse to a complete on booty n tits the size of a children head with no assistance. Call me Jesus Christ cousin apparently miracles take place.”


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@kyliejenner #neverforget #kyliejennerbeforeandafter #kyliejennerbc #kyliejenner

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Kellie Vanhove: “What a phony, lol. Sad that young girls appreciate a woman that can’t own up to the reality she’s modified her body extensively, but after that, markets make-up so they can appear like her. It’s not possible. That entire household is incredibly irresponsible with their photos. It’s terrible.”

The rest of Facebook customers were merely fed up with the Kardashian dramatization.




Rather than adding to the plastic/no-plastic dispute, they published photos of their pets, cats, and also reptiles, claiming those were much more interesting news.