Top 8 Best Earplugs For Concerts (2020 Review)

Earplugs for concerts – Buyer’s Guide

Who doesn t love participating in performances? Everyone out there would wish to hear live music as soon as in a lifetime. Music enthusiasts dream about going to shows of their preferred artists all day. The experience of listening to live music is so overwhelming. Nevertheless, if you go to concerts frequently, then you need to know that shows are way too loud. Regrettably, the loud music can lead to ear damage. It s not about the number of performances you attend ; even a single music event can damage your auditory system in less than 10 minutes.

However, what if we inform you there is a method to secure your ears? All you require is a set of earplugs, and you can take pleasure in music as much as you want without damaging your hearing capability. We can assist you discover all you should know about the best earplugs for concerts and how they safeguard you against loud music. Check out our leading earplugs for a concert and see how these tiny plugs will save you from hearing loss.

Overall #1 Rated Pick:

EarDial Ear PlugsareEarDial Ear Plugsare

By examining numerous earplugs for a performance in the market, we found that EarDial Ear Plugsare the very best one. They not only safeguard ear damage, but likewise use much better audio quality, sound cancellation, and clear sound.

Benefits :

  1. A low profile highly transparent style
  2. High fidelity sound reduction of 20 dB flat attenuation
  3. Easy to insert and eliminate
  4. Safe and comfortable to use for long hours
  5. Made from non-toxic, hypoallergenic silicone
  6. A distinct earwax defense feature
  7. An easy mobile app to examine the sound levels



Earplugs for shows Buying Guide & FAQ

Finding the best earplugs for a concert is hard at all particularly when having no idea about earplugs. If you desire a seat of finest earplugs on your own, follow our comprehensive evaluations below. But, initially, you need to know what these little earplugs are.

What are earplugs?

Earplugs are small devices made from foam, rubber, silicone or wax and are to be placed in the car canals just like you place your earbuds. The earplugs are designed particularly to secure your ears from loud sounds, or any foreign particle from entering your ear canal like water, dust, and wind, etc. Some earplugs are custom-made made that fits the size of one s ear canal properly. The earplugs are used by numerous individuals such as swimmers, scuba divers, mine and drill workers, show photographers and managers. People also use it while sleeping to prevent loud sounds entering their ears and disrupting their precious quality sleep.


How loud noises impact our ears?

Loud noises can damage our ears. The sound enters our eardrum and passes to cochlea where there are many microscopic tiny hair cells. What these hair cells do is they indicate the brain through your auditory nerve when vibrations go through them. Your brain analyzes various tones based upon how fast your hair cells move. The hair cells move faster when the sound is loud. Extreme working of hair cells can eventually result in their death by regular exposure to loud sounds. This is lead to irreversible loss of hearing as the hair cells can not restore. The hair cells generally bend when harmed and may trigger tinnitus.


Why must you use Earplugs while going to performances?

Although the purpose of going to a concert is to hear music loudly, this can lead to hearing loss. You need to keep a set of earplugs developed for concert usage with you for noise clarity while securing your ears. Nobody would want broken hearing since of long direct exposure to loud music from speakers at performances. Loud music can lead to long-term hearing failure. Our normal discussion levels are about only 60 to 65 decibels loud, however the music at performances can reach up to 100 to 120 decibels. The noise above 100 decibels can cause loss of hearing right after direct exposure to 15 minutes just whereas 120 decibels will cause an earache and irreversible ear damage right now. So, reconsider prior to going to a rock concert without a set of musician ear plugs.

Are concerts too loud?

To answer this, we will describe the basic decibel meter to see which sound variety is safer and which sound range is dangerous for your ears. According to NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health), it is not just a concern of the noise strength alone with a safe limit worth of sound exposure to ears. It is more of an ear that can withstand sound levels for a certain time. 85 decibels is the ceiling for safe sound level. It generally depends upon the time the noise is exposed to your ears. A fascinating reality is that the time duration that an ear can endure the sound is cut in half for each 3-decibel increase added. Amplifiers and drums mostly cause the destructive sound levels by rock musicians at performances.


What is Tinnitus?

The noise rings or buzzes in your ears or head that does not originate from any external source; those sounding noises are your understanding. It is a symptom of ear damage and hearing loss. The ringing noises in both ears are often so loud that it hinders your ability to hear a real sound or focus on your work. It is also caused by direct exposure and listening to loud music for hours which harms the hair cells of your ears.

What are the different kinds of earplugs?

There vary types of earplugs but mainly divided into these classifications :

  • Foam: These are the most common earplugs in the market. Also, they are extremely low-cost. These are made from memory foams like polyurethane or polyvinyl chloride, which is why they are called foam earplugs. They are compressed to place in your ear canals providing you the greatest decibel drop off. To insert these, you should roll them with a slim rod, then pull and hold it deep into the ear canal with the assistance of a finger. These foam plugs can use noise reduction to 22-32 decibels.
  • Wax ball earplugs: They resemble foam ones, but they seal your ear canals totally, and you would feel detached from the world. They are quickly available at the regional pharmacies.
  • Flanged: The flanged earplugs cone-shaped rims produce a generally in shape seal versus your ear canal. They are comfy to wear for long hours and designed for musicians.
  • Custom silicone: These are the customized molded earplugs made of vinyl or silicone that fit your ear canal and shape with no pressure or pain. They custom-made made earplugs provide consistent attenuation.
  • Musicians or Hi-Fi: These earplugs are created for musicians, performers, and specialists and feature numerous attenuations levels.

What are Hi-Fidelity earplugs?

Musicians are likewise exposed to high noise levels which can cause tinnitus or hearing loss, so they need to wear Hi-Fi earplugs to secure their ears. These earplugs of artists are designed in such a way which attenuates the sounds across every frequency uniformly. This assists to keep the natural reaction of frequency of the ear minimizing the impact on the treble and bass understanding of the user. Service technician and musicians commonly utilize these in their concerts and studios to avoid the high exposure to loud music levels. A minute diaphragm is present that decreases the radio frequency and an absorbent material for high frequency. Filters inside them flatten reaction of frequency. Hence the music passes in your ear through the plug being minimum effected.


How are concert earplugs various from normal earplugs?

The earplugs for a show will not distort or muffle the sound completely as the normal earplugs do. They conserve the quality of the sound while concurrently minimizing the volume to a brand-new ear-friendly sound level. The audio filters decrease the noise throughout the entire sound spectrum in an uniform method. The normal earplugs lower only some noises causing the listening experience to degrade. The earplugs for concert allow you to enjoy the experience of high fidelity, whereas preventing you from harming your hearing system, so you carry on to delight in music. Having a low profile style, they are less visible by anyone. For more information on earplugs, click the link:

Things to Consider before buying ear plugs

We want you to purchase the most proper earplugs for yourself. So, here are suggestions you require to see prior to picking the very best earplugs for the performance. Stopping or filtering sound.The earplugs which block the incoming vibrations to your ears will offer a much-muffled noise. You probably won t like that feel while going to a concert. So, it is much better to avoid the earplugs made of foam and earmuffs. Go for earplugs with audio filters and some brand-new loop designs in the market allows you to hear clear music while safeguarding your ears.

Type Choose the universal in shape ones like earplugs made of silicone. They fit your ears completely plus they are much easier to clean up. Ear plugs that are moldable have to be warmed first and then cooled to fit your ear shape. You also have the custom earplugs exactly made according to their ear size. Select the one which matches you finest. PriceThe foam earplugs are the most inexpensive of all the earplugs out there in the market. You can have a bulk of them for simply $10. The universal ones vary in between a cost range of 10 to $40 depending upon the brand and type you want to buy. The tailor-made earplugs are pricey.

Levels of sound reductionThe main reason you purchase earplugs is to protect your ears from damage due to loud sounds. Therefore, it s crucial to keep in mind decibel reduction when purchasing a set of earplugs on your own. Shows can loud to 150 dB, so select the earplugs with sound decrease up to 15-20 dB.

Earplugs safe or not?

You might be thinking if earplugs are safe or not? Theirs is a minor opportunity that the earplugs might go too far into ear causing ache. This seldom happens since of the typical earplug design with soft textures that minimizes the risk of earplug pressed too deep inside your ear. You are much likely to hurt yourself when you go to performances without earplugs than when you go out with them. The cleaning of Hi-Fi earplugs is an extremely easy procedure. Although different brand names suggest various strategies for cleaning up the earplugs according to guidelines provided, the easy way of cleansing is to wash them with water. It would help if you purchased a new set of ear plugs every three months to avoid ear infections.

The Best Earplugs for the Concert

Now, you know that you should protect your ears to prevent hearing damage and in concerts To make it easy for you, we will provide you with detailed reviews of the best earplugs for the show. See our product table below with contrast if you are running short on time.

LiveMusic HearSafe Ear Plugs

LiveMusic HearSafe Ear Plugs

You can now take pleasure in loud music stress free with the LiveMus!c earplugs specially developed to provide you the very best clearness of noise while protecting your ears.

This is the important hearing defense you need prior to going to a performance or club. They are made from soft silicone having a 3-flange style. These earplugs are non-toxic and hypoallergenic so that they won t cause you any itching, allergic reaction or discomfort.

The Hearsafe ear plugs will fit your ears completely due to their cone-shaped tip that fits a big variety of ear sizes whereas offering an excellent seal. No more stifled noise, thanks to the attenuation filters with varying strength levels. It not just secures your ears however also does noise secure, canceling of sound with its filter and provides you the finest attenuation.

What s fantastic about this product exists are two sets of earplugs with a green and white filter. The green filter offers 23 decibels of noise decrease ratio whereas white offers 29 dB. These filters fade the high-frequency background attenuation while preserving appropriate signals for music and spoken communications.

They are reusable ; up to 12 months needing little maintenance. HearSafe is among the best-selling earplugs.

Here s pro tip : The long-term usage of earplugs can cause extreme earwax which disrupts your hearing system. So, it is encouraged not to utilize earplugs daily and for an extended time.

Leading functions

  • Silicone made with the tip of cone-shaped
  • Two sets of earplugs; 23 and 29dB
  • An useful bring aluminum deterioration free case containing a detachable cord



  • High noise reduction
  • Protects from ear damage
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Hypoallergenic
  • A removable cord
  • Fast to insert
  • Reusable
  • Easy to carry


  • Smaller carrying case for two pairs
  • One cord only for both earplugs
  • Mid-range frequencies muted


Etymotic ETY-Plugs High Fidelity Earplugs

Etymotic ETY-Plugs High Fidelity Earplugs

These ETY earplugs are by Etymotic; a business that develops earplugs for high fidelity. Unlike other earplugs, these wear t misshape or smother the noise while retaining the sound quality. The sound levels are lowered to much safer levels suitable for you to hear triggering no ear damage. Artists working in loud environments commonly use the ER20XS earplugs, but they are similarly effective for the audience.

These earplugs are available in two sizes, large and basic. Each size produces about 20dB of decrease in sound. What these earplugs do is they replicate the natural response of the ear, without any compromise on sound quality.

The ETY earplugs have a three-flange style which makes it compact providing noises that are not muffed. Equipped with an audio resistor and a tuned resonator mimic the ear canal s sound response which results in a clear sound coming to your ears at a low level of volume

Here s pro pointer : Earplugs are simple to maintain and tidy. Simply rub out your earplugs with a moist tissue/cloth or wash them under lukewarm running water after each usage and keep them safe in the aluminum box offered.

Leading functions

  • Sound decrease to 20 dB
  • 3-flange structure
  • A tuned resonator
  • Audio resistor



  • Ear protection up to 20 decibels
  • A storage case with neck cord and instructions included
  • A standard and large fit size
  • Affordable
  • Can be worn with ear tips made of foam
  • Two filters earplugs
  • Reusable


  • Not as comfortable as the foam earplugs
  • Have to be replaced after three months
  • Can’t be used for sleeping/swimming or gunfire


Earplugs Noise Reduction Filtered Hearing Protection by EAR Defense

Earplugs Noise Reduction Filtered Hearing Protection by EAR Defense

This set of high fidelity earplugs by EAR Defense is superior protection for your ears you can use anywhere you desire.

It comes with 2 pairs of earplugs with green and white filters offering high sound reduction in a single package. These will save you from permanently damaging your auditory system as the white filter provides NRR as much as 29 dB while green deals 23 dB of noise decrease. These are made from soft silicone that is not poisonous and avoids allergic reactions.

The EAR Defense ear plugs secure your hearing, so you can continue to delight in music. You can use these earplugs cordless under your helmet too; the filters will decrease the roadway and wind sound impact while riding letting you notice the traffic noise.

The noise filters of EAR Defense earplugs can decrease and damage the high-frequency sound attenuation and every other sort of background sounds. You will still hear essential things like conversation and music.

Here s pro idea : The earplugs are not meant for performance use just ; they need to be utilized while drilling, gardening, going to movie theaters, traveling, swimming and places where there is a minor danger of ear damage by loud sounds.

Leading functions

  • 2 sets of ear plugs
  • Washable, hypoallergenic silicone made
  • 2 filters; 23 and 29 dB of noise decrease



  • High noise reduction up to 28 dB
  • Hypoallergenic; safe to use
  • Durable case made of aluminum with key ring holder


  • Too fragile and soft
  • Causes discomfort after prolonged usage



Reverbs High Fidelity Ear Plugs by Pine sounds

Reverbs High Fidelity Ear Plugs by Pine sounds

Looking for the best noise reduction earplugs for going to a performance? The Reverbs Hi-Fi earplugs made high grade natural soft silicone will supply you best noise decrease with 2 various filters.

The green filter reduces noise by 20 dB while white minimizes to 28 dB. Don t worry about any allergies since these are safe to wear ; hypoallergenic. Numerous musicians, drummers, and DJs utilize it.

These earplugs have an accuracy filter which will minimize the loud sound whereas keeping the quality and clarity of audio.

Here s the pro suggestion : Protect your ears by using earplugs that will obstruct all those irritating and unsafe background sounds. However, you can still hear what s crucial.

Leading functions

  • Natural silicone made
  • Three flanged style
  • 2 pairs with different noise reduction filters; 20 and 28 dB


  • High noise reduction up to 28 dB
  • Hypoallergenic; safe to use
  • Durable case made of aluminum with key ring holder


  • Too fragile and soft
  • Causes discomfort after prolonged usage

EarDial Ear Plugs

EarDial Ear Plugs

Ear Dial functions the most unnoticeable ear plugs which nobody can ever see. They have a low-profile style and are made from soft silicone.

These earplugs have a Hi-Fi noise filter, which obstructs the damaging decibels without interfering with the quality of the noise. The filter uses sound decrease approximately 20 dB. The exclusive features of earwax protection guard the precision filter, so your earplugs are constantly tidy.

You re likewise getting a strong aluminum box with a glow sticker to keep your earplugs safe. You do look silly wearing those vibrant earplugs, however these earplugs match your complexion making it almost invisible due to their high openness. EarDial earplugs are without a doubt the best pal of all the concert-goers.

Here s the professional pointer : As long as your earplugs remain dirt complimentary and tidy, they can be reused after washing. Nevertheless, if you earplug appears to a little tear or dirty, purchase a brand-new pair to prevent allergies and infections.

Top functions

  • High fidelity earplugs with 20 dB sound reduction.
  • Low profile design.Highly transparent.
  • Ear wax security.
  • Mobile App.



  • Easy to insert and remove
  • Transparent
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Comfortable for wearing for a prolonged time
  • Extremely discrete
  • Luminescent night glow sticker
  • Ear wax protection
  • Useful mobile App


  • Short size



EarPeace HD Concert Ear Plugs

EarPeace HD Concert Ear Plugs

These are made of medical grade soft silicone making them comfy for use during extended periods. Having a two flanged style, they are small in size and will fit your ear canal completely without any exposure considering that they are transparent.

Three plugs are included in the package offering 11, 14 and 19 dB of noise decrease. These earplugs turn the volume down and do not distort the sound. The high-fidelity earplugs will you provide a clear noise with a safer volume.

These low-profile music earplugs are comfortable adequate to be used all day and have been used by expert vocalists and musicians for many years.

Here s the pro idea : You hear and feel expanding of earplugs filling the canal once they have actually been placed. It is safe to insert earplugs deep into your ear canals only when you carefully follow the instructions and position the tap effectively, so you easily remove them.

Leading functions.

  • 2 Flanged design.
  • Three ear plugs with various noise decrease range.
  • Silicone made discrete earplugs.
  • Aluminum case.



  • Highly transparent; invisible
  • Can wear it during sleep
  • Soft handle
  • Three filters
  • Aluminum case


  • Small narrow case
  • No neck cords


Soundox High Fidelity Earplugs for Ear Protection

Soundox High Fidelity Earplugs for Ear Protection

With an innovative sleek and contemporary design, these Soundox earplugs work the very same like all other Hi-Fi artists earplugs. It offers 23 dB of noise decrease by a specialized filter that retains the sound quality.

The earplug tips are made memory foam that fits all shape of ears. These earplugs are best for people with sensory problems such as ADHD, brain injury, concussions, and ringing in the ears.

Here s pro suggestion : Even if usage earplugs are right, there is an opportunity that hearing damage may take place. If you can not eliminate the earplug or your ear has been damaged, look for an EMT s aid right away.

Leading features.

  • 23 dB of sound decrease.
  • Dens aspects and memory foam made.
  • Modern style.
  • Foam tips offered in S, M and L.
  • Neck Cord.



  • Hypoallergenic, safe memory foam
  • Portable storage case
  • Comfortable to wear for long hours
  • Low profile discrete look
  • Washable


  • Can’t filter snoring sounds
  • Hard to insert



DownBeats: High Fidelity Hearing Protection

Reverbs High Fidelity Ear Plugs by Pine sounds

If you want to secure yourself from tinnitus and hearing loss, then earplugs by downbeats is an ideal choice. It offers a noise reduction as much as 18 dB with clear noise without being muffed. With high openness and their clear design, these are low profile and discreet.

The sound filters guarantee that you hear clear discussion and music at a safe, safeguarded level for ears. Music will hit your ears perfectly whereas all the undesirable sounds won t reach you.

Here s pro suggestion : Always keep your earplugs far from kids to avoid the danger of choking. A kid can quickly swallow the silicone ones accidentally. Constantly keep them firmly sealed in an aluminum case when kids are around.

Top features.

  • Sound reduction of 18 dB.
  • Silicone made.
  • Transparent low profile two-flanged style.
  • Strong aluminum case.


  • Invisible
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Durable case for storage
  • Fits ear easily
  • A longer stem


  • Too short
  • Difficult to remove


Our pick is the EarDial Ear Plugs due to the features it embraces for safeguarding your ear versus damage with absolutely no exposure.

The ridged cut and hypoallergenic style of these plugs make them safe and comfy to wear even while sleeping. With lots of convenient features like earwax protection, high transparent color, sound filter of 20 dB, pull tab with grip bump, a really useful mobile app to know sound levels around you and simple bring aluminum case, this is our leading pick for the very best earplugs for shows.

Once you damage your hearing capability, it will by no means return.

Therefore, providing enough security by using earplugs is absolutely a lot better than damaging your ears. So, keep yourself safe from ringing in the ears and long-term damage of hair cells.